Tuesday, December 4, 2012

My Under the Weather Homeboy & Modesto Baby Shower

 Bless little Weaver's heart, he decided to get sick a couple days before his big meet and greet in Modesto. I've never dealt with a sick baby before so I put a beanie on his bald little head to keep in the heat and smeared baby vicks on his tootsies and chest. Tom made a fire and I put him in his warm fleece sleep sack by the fire. Judging by his cheeks he looks nice and toasty. As he slept I had to take this picture because I realized he looked like a total homeboy and it made me laugh.

He's still pretty snotty, not that you wanted to know, but he was a trooper for his meet and greet at my church that I attended in Modesto. In this picture, little Ella is holding Heston and Ella's mom Julie is the one in the bottom right corner with the braided bun. When Julie was younger she babysat all of the Shelton kids and when my sister and I were old enough we babysat Ella, so it's so special to see her holding Heston, it's like 3 generations of babysitters!

Here's more pictures of the shower....

The Farmer's Wife

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