Sunday, September 11, 2011

The Newest Addition

As our neighbors call him, "The Russian Goat" is now gracing our goat pen.

It's breeding time, so Grandma Winnie's billy is paying a visit to our two ladies.

He's stinky, big, has an attitude, and absolutely loves those lady goats.

This picture doesn't really do him justice. He's about 125 pounds and is a massive goat. He's already horned me once and I won't let it happen again. Note to self, don't get in between him and his women!

The stink is also pretty nasty. The only way I can describe it is a batch of roasted hazelnuts gone wrong. He pees on his beard and his scent wafts past our house each and every morning.

Let's just hope he gets to go back to grandmas pretty soon!

The Farmer's Wife

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Kitty Central

I would like you all to take note of how different my life is since becoming a farmer's wife.

When I lived in the city I was allergic to cats, now that I'm out here, we have to keep them for rodent control, and who knew that they breed faster than rabbits?

This batch on our bench is only 1 litter, can you believe it? There's still the mama cat, daddy cat, and big brother that are out hunting while these ones lounge on all my outdoor furniture-lazy bones!

So in total, 10 cats? Oh my goodness, does that qualify me for animal hoarding? But one good thing-I haven't seen a rodent in years!

The Farmer's Wife

Friday, September 2, 2011

The 2011 Garden

So this year, Tom plowed the whole backyard to get this garden ready. As you can see, there is the before and after picture of what has been planted.

There are 4 rows which include everything from: okra, eggplant, giant pumpkins, jalapenos, tomatoes, leeks, strawberries, squash, regular watermelons, giant watermelons, bell peppers, anaheim peppers, regular pumpkins, cucumbers, pickling cucumbers, cantaloupe, garlic, onions, and some corn. And yes, I do harvest this at least everyday, it's a job in itself.

The weeding is the most time consuming job ever! But it's definitely a workout. No more gym for me, I have a free membership out here!

The Farmer's Wife