Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Gurdy the Apple Tree

I know you might have heard about Gurdy the apple tree before in my previous blogs, but today is her day to shine-again.

When my sister was in 9th grade (I believe), she had a farmer come in to her FFA class and teach them each how to graft fruit trees. The man gave each student a little apple tree to plant. Mandi brought hers home and I remember planting little Gurdy in a pot near the pool. Gurdy was doing great, she was living the life.

Then when I got married and my parents found out what an interest both Tom and I had in fruit trees, they decided that Gurdy needed a better life where she could thrive in the ground and not a mere terra cotta planter.

Gurdy was planted here about 2 years ago. She's having a hard time adjusting, with the wind, heat, cold, and buggies, she's still pulling through. Today I went outside to water her and lo and behold she has little apples (pictured at left). Last year she had little apples as well but the birdies got them all before we could taste test.

We'll see how this year goes!

Mandi- if you're reading this, we're taking care of her I promise! Your little Gurdy is safe with us here in Weldon!

The Farmer's Wife

Monday, May 28, 2012

Church Baby Shower

I had my church baby shower last Sunday, and I got the CD of pictures from our dear friends Lanny & Diana Trefz yesterday. I love going through all of the pictures and seeing who was there ( I tried to say hello to everyone, but what a blessing to have so many people).

This is one of my favorite pictures, besides the fact I look like a house. It was so entertaining to see the faces of people in the pictures with each gift opened. This specific gift is a quilt-hand made by Sharon Scott that had a matching activity square for baby. People are so crafty these days! But as you can see from this picture, there were tons of family and friends gathered to share in our baby celebration, not to mention that the whole social hall was full, this section of people is just the tip of the iceberg. Our baby has a great support group going for it already!

The Farmer's Wife

Thursday, May 24, 2012

More Baby Shower Gifts!

 I did promise to show you more things from the shower, so here are a couple highlights. Don't get me wrong, I love each and every thing that people got me, none is more liked than the other, these were just presents that I thought were too cute to pass up for a blog photo op. 

Picture #1: I got such a plethora of John Deere and farm baby clothes, I couldn't resist sharing. The denim bib was hand made by my dear friend Beth who used Tom's old jeans and work shirts, so these are dear to my heart. There are little tractor booties, Carhartt overalls, and Wrangler bottoms, too cute!

 Picture #2: Jack's girlfriend Kalli hand made this shopping cart seat cover. It's John Deere tractors with a little potato harvesting in the mix, topped with a bright yellow bandana print, I couldn't be more excited to put this in a cart and plop baby in it! No one else will have this, they'll be so jealous!
 Picture #3: This is from my... cousin? I think they're my cousins, we're all related somehow out here-Jim & Debbie Alexander. She knew what a Pioneer Woman addict I am, and she got me the children's book that she wrote about her ranch dog, Charlie. This is definitely going in the book collection!

Picture #4: This is a blanket that was made by Donna Bundy, one of Tom's good hunting
                                                                                    friends' wife and a dear friend. How cute is this? It's one of those flannel blankets that have the tied ends. It has farm animals and tractors. And it's so soft.

Like I said, these gifts are only the tip of the iceburg. I've been cleaning out the room slowly making it into a nursery, so I'll show you the final product when my preggie buns actually get there. I'm so slow these days!

The Farmer's Wife

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

There Goes the Hay!

I know I said I'd put up pics of baby shower gifts, and I will, but yesterday was a great day! The day the hay got shipped out. And we can all breath a sigh of relief for the first round of hay outta here.

One of the many hay stacks on the farm is to the east of our house, and yesterday the trucks got here at 5:30 to get started loading. This is the last truck for the lot behind our house. I'm sure the hay guys thought I was a stalker or weirdo-out there with my camera snapping pictures, oh well!

The trucks came back around 1:00 to load again, and the hay all goes to Tulare, so what an adventure for our hay bales!

The Farmer's Wife

Monday, May 21, 2012

Time for Baby Clothes!

Baby shower number one has passed and there are 2 more awaiting. How will my little spare bedroom hold all these gifts, it's a blessing though!

There were so many cute gifts, and I'll try to post up pictures of them throughout the week. I'm starting with these 2 onesies. My brother-in-law's wife, Dusty, who is extra crafty made me these for baby Creighton, I mean, how cute are these? He'll look like a little man already!

Now I have some good ideas for baby boy showers, thanks Dusty!

The Farmer's Wife

Saturday, May 12, 2012

For my birthday a couple days ago, my sis asked me what I truly and really wanted. I told her there were 2 things I was saving up for: a new camera to take good pictures of baby Creighton and a garmin gps for the car (since I get lost pretty easily).

Mandi (my sis) had told me she was sending me baby clothes and a chewy bone for Ginger, but when I opened the package, I wasn't expecting to see this! A new Canon Rebel! Well the hormones kicked in, or maybe it's just because I miss my sis, but I did shed some tears. I called her to thank her, and she brushed it off like it was no big deal! Bless her heart!

So now I have a good camera to take pictures of baby and of more exciting happenings on the farm. And yes, I took a pciture of a camera with my old camera, and yes, that's my washing machine, it was the closest flat surface I had at the moment.

The Farmer's Wife