Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Days Until Year One!

In honor of our first year of marriage, I've decided to reminisce about the the beginnings of our relationship together.

How my husband and I met each other is a miracle in itself, and boy am I blessed to have heard that still small voice in my head directing me down the right path.

The fist picture with the mountain in the background is on our first date together. He drove me up to Johnsondale in his parent's big Dodge truck and I felt like a million bucks. That was the first time he held my hand, and I remember feeling those butterflies. We went to a cute little restaurant called the Ponderosa, and me being a previous vegetarian ordered a simple grilled cheese sandwich. Him, being a meat and potatoes guy, was very leery on how this relationship would work...

I remember vividly seeing a couple across from our table in love and holding hands. And in the early stages of dating girls usually wonder, will this guy and I be like that too? Well I'm lucky enough to have him as my husband now.

Look at me rambling, heavens, until next time!
The Farmer's Wife

Monday, March 29, 2010

Chickens and the Eggs

Good morning!

This morning I heard a bark coming from the chicken coop, pretty scary!
I took a gander and realized it was my rooster (pictured). He had learned to bark as well as crow, so proud!

I started with 20 cute little chicks of all sorts, and now thanks to that cute little Ginger dog, have 15 (14 hens 1 rooster) perfect combo!

I collected my fist dozen eggs about a month ago, and have been loving the farm fresh eggs ever since. I get about a dozen a day with 15 hens! Perfect in time for Easter!

Enjoy the day!
The Farmer's Wife

Friday, March 26, 2010

Reality of Being a Farmer's Wife

Sadly, there is a reality when it comes to being a farmer's wife. A reality of life and death.

My favorite cat (her name was Spotticus-pictured) was hit by a truck on our dirt driveway this morning, pregnant and all. And I was the first to find her, not the best sight to see first thing in the morning! The sad thing was, is that she was really close to popping out her kittens.

My husband has taught me to embrace the idea that all things must pass and yes, it's hard, but little by little I'm growing used to it.

Well, we'll miss you Spotty. This coming from a city girl who hated cats, but Spotty was pretty cool. She had her quirks and I even made a kitten bed for her when she was going to be a momma. My hubby buried her under a pretty oak tree this morning, so now she's at rest.

Cherish every day you have, you never know what tomorrow brings.

The Farmer's Wife

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Beautiful Morning!

Good morning!

I just wanted to say how blessed I am to have a view like this in the morning.
Today is the beginning of great week!

I also wanted to say how embarrassed I am to have realized that my blog address has two "life's" in it, oh the blonde in me is revealed!

Don't have much to say today except that everyday is a gift! And also, how great do you feel (women this is for you) when you just randomly dress up real pretty and do your hair? I did that yesterday and felt like a million bucks!

Until next time,
The Farmer's Wife

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Spring & Rabbits

Good morning!

Spring is here, and the birdies are chirping outside even this early in the morning.

Well yesterday, our dog, Ginger, caught a rabbit for us and placed it on the front door mat, poor rabbit. Ginger catches more voles, gophers, mice, rabbits, (and leaves- apparently from the picture) than our cats combined. And with the alfalfa behind the house, the more rabbits that Ginger catches now, the better!

I went out to water the plants yesterday, and our apple tree that was recently planted, Gurdy (yes she has a name) is blooming- what a reminder about spring! My sister grafted Gurdy in FFA and tried keeping it alive in a pot. So when I moved out here, we decided to plant her out in the sun and rich soil, and she's thriving!

Last night for dinner I made a Pioneer Woman recipe again, boy do I love her!
It was delicious, if you're interested in making it, click here for the recipe.

And then for dessert I saw a recipe in Country Living for Trisha Yearwood's new cookbook, and these are delish!
Click here for the recipe from Country Living.

So now I'm fat from dinner and dessert, but they were so good!

Until next time!
The Farmer's Wife

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The First Day Blogging

Good morning!

Well I'm new to blogging, but I watched Julie & Julia the other night and thought hey, if she can do it, so can I!

I'll start my first blog off by saying I was a city girl with a heart for the country life. I'm now a farmer's wife, and mothering my first litter of spring kittens. The chickens are laying eggs and today is a perfect day to bake some cookies for the hubby. I've only been out here for a year, and I'm still learning the ropes.

I've learned that farming & ranching takes much patience. Oodles of patience actually. Making dates and doing getaways are pretty special when they actually happen. So far, our honeymoon is the biggest getaway we've done so far. Hmm, what will the rest of this year hold?

Until next time,
The Farmer's Wife