Friday, March 26, 2010

Reality of Being a Farmer's Wife

Sadly, there is a reality when it comes to being a farmer's wife. A reality of life and death.

My favorite cat (her name was Spotticus-pictured) was hit by a truck on our dirt driveway this morning, pregnant and all. And I was the first to find her, not the best sight to see first thing in the morning! The sad thing was, is that she was really close to popping out her kittens.

My husband has taught me to embrace the idea that all things must pass and yes, it's hard, but little by little I'm growing used to it.

Well, we'll miss you Spotty. This coming from a city girl who hated cats, but Spotty was pretty cool. She had her quirks and I even made a kitten bed for her when she was going to be a momma. My hubby buried her under a pretty oak tree this morning, so now she's at rest.

Cherish every day you have, you never know what tomorrow brings.

The Farmer's Wife

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