Monday, December 31, 2012

The Joys of Motherhood

It all happened yesterday when I decided to make myself a nice grilled ham sandwich. I loaded on the ingredients: mustard, mayo, cheese, ham, pickles, lettuce, pepperoni, the works!

I grilled it and put it on my plate and ate it while holding Heston and watching the Real Housewives. The baby was in a great mood just hanging out and I was eating my delicious sandwich, little did I know this was a recipe for disaster.

I was holding Heston on my lap and would then grab the sandwich to eat it. With a couple bites I realized I must have used the tangy mustard because it had a little "bite" to it. I was licking my fingers and enjoying every bite until I realized that my child had just pooped his pants, and, the mustard I was licking off of my fingers was poo! Oh my gosh I just started laughing, does this mean I'm a true mother now? I just ate my kid's poo, yucky!

I called Tom and told him the great news and he couldn't stop laughing. Oh heavens, just another day of motherhood!

The Farmer's Wife

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas Morning!

We let poor Ginger in because it was so cold outside on Christmas morning. Heston loves to play under the Christmas tree, it's so shiny and bright and he's pretty entertained. Ginger loves Heston and will always look for him when she comes in the house. As soon as she finds him she lays down right beside him. Heston loves to grab her nose and then push her with his feet, it's a love-hate relationship, but they're working it out.

Santa brought Weaver some clothes, and he looks pretty excited I guess. I think Tom is more
excited than Heston is, but at least he has somewhat of a smirk!

At Dale and Debi's, Santa put a "cow tale" candy in Dale's stocking, so as the rest of us were opening presents, Heston was sucking on the cow tale. He seemed to enjoy it. I put a before and after picture. The after picture shows the candy smeared all over his mouth, bless his little heart, he was having a blast with Grandpa Dale!

The Farmer's Wife

Friday, December 21, 2012

Christmas Memories

When the three of us headed back from Heston's shower in Modesto, we stopped to pick up Auntie Sandy in Chowchilla from a Christmas party. When we went inside to get her, Santa was there, can you believe it?! So our family got a picture with Santa, our first Christmas together!

Then I went to a Christmas Party at the Claytastic Creations in Kernville and made an ornament for little Weaver, yes it's John Deere colors, and no, I am not creative by any means and this stocking ornament proves it!

I then went to Bakersfield last week to complete my Christmas shopping, and while at TJ Maxx I found two molding ornament decorations (is that what they're called?) and instead of making my own concotion through Pinterest recipes, I decided to use these for Heston's hand and footprints. Tom helped immensely by shaping them and placing his prints on them. So now we have three extra special ornaments! But we also have tons more extra special ornaments for Heston from friends and family that we get to keep putting back up on the tree each year, so thank you!

The Farmer's Wife

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Workin' With Daddy

Tom said that he wanted something extra delicious for dinner.
"Fine" I said, "but as a trade-off could you please keep Heston here at home while I run to the store?"
"Easy enough" replied my hubby.

So I pulled out the baby carrier and strapped it onto my husband's broad shoulders and plopped the baby inside.

Heston loves this front carrier, he always likes to be held on the front of you looking out so he can see the world, so this carrier was perfect for a day of work with dad.

As you can see Tom was having a blast, and I snapped pictures of him walking away with tools in hand, ready to clean up our property.

When I got home, Heston was inside with Tom. Upon asking why they already high-tailed it back into the warm house, Tom replied "Weaver's cheeks were too cold". What a good dad!

The Farmer's Wifey

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

My Under the Weather Homeboy & Modesto Baby Shower

 Bless little Weaver's heart, he decided to get sick a couple days before his big meet and greet in Modesto. I've never dealt with a sick baby before so I put a beanie on his bald little head to keep in the heat and smeared baby vicks on his tootsies and chest. Tom made a fire and I put him in his warm fleece sleep sack by the fire. Judging by his cheeks he looks nice and toasty. As he slept I had to take this picture because I realized he looked like a total homeboy and it made me laugh.

He's still pretty snotty, not that you wanted to know, but he was a trooper for his meet and greet at my church that I attended in Modesto. In this picture, little Ella is holding Heston and Ella's mom Julie is the one in the bottom right corner with the braided bun. When Julie was younger she babysat all of the Shelton kids and when my sister and I were old enough we babysat Ella, so it's so special to see her holding Heston, it's like 3 generations of babysitters!

Here's more pictures of the shower....

The Farmer's Wife