Sunday, December 14, 2014

Christmas Cookies

To get more into the Christmas spirit, I figured it was time to decorate some cookies! I found a recipe on Pinterest for crock pot hot chocolate (which was delicious),  and called Dale and Debi to invite them over for some cookie decorating.

The boys were really intent on decorating the cookies, their concentration was amazing!

Heston wanted to decorate his own cookies, and boy is he creative!

 Daddy and Heston made a good decorating team!
 Dale's cookies turned out great!
 Heston loved the hot chocolate and drank enough to make a mess on his pajamas.
 Hi Tom!
The fruits of our labor! Heston and I taste tested the one in the top left hand corner and it was delicious!

The Farmer's Wife

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Thanksgiving Time!

Since the last blog I did, there have been a couple of milestones:

Heston shoved the tip of a marker up his nose and we had to head to the pediatrician where he was held down, screamed bloody murder, and then said "thank you (it comes out more as taint tue)" and gave the doctor a hug (which warmed my heart). The yellow marker is the one that got shoved up, the brown marker is the comparison of how much went up his nose.

Then Sadie turned 8 months old, and I've been trying to stay on the ball and taking the monthly pictures, I think I forgot to take a 7 month picture, but I'm pretty sure that was the same day as our family pictures, so that counts right?

Look at that happy girl!

 And then Thanksgiving happened! My parents drove down from Modesto to come to the Creighton Thanksgiving and I love when they come and visit. My dad and Tom agreed that if this picture was ever shown I'd be in BIIIIG trouble, so consider yourself warned Kristi!

Heston is just so helpful in the kitchen.

Our duty this year for Thanksgiving was potatoes, so we had delicious, fresh, farm potatoes from the field and we steamed and mashed those puppies, and boy were they delicious!

I gave Sadie a little taste off of the spatula that Heston is waving around, so I'm wondering how clean that thing really was......
 What a manly apron you have on dad!
Oh Tom, how those ruffles frame your beard perfectly is beyond me! Is that the price tag still on it? Ooops!

What a handsome cook he makes.

Until next time,
The Farmer's Wife and owner of many feminine aprons!