Sunday, December 14, 2014

Christmas Cookies

To get more into the Christmas spirit, I figured it was time to decorate some cookies! I found a recipe on Pinterest for crock pot hot chocolate (which was delicious),  and called Dale and Debi to invite them over for some cookie decorating.

The boys were really intent on decorating the cookies, their concentration was amazing!

Heston wanted to decorate his own cookies, and boy is he creative!

 Daddy and Heston made a good decorating team!
 Dale's cookies turned out great!
 Heston loved the hot chocolate and drank enough to make a mess on his pajamas.
 Hi Tom!
The fruits of our labor! Heston and I taste tested the one in the top left hand corner and it was delicious!

The Farmer's Wife

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Thanksgiving Time!

Since the last blog I did, there have been a couple of milestones:

Heston shoved the tip of a marker up his nose and we had to head to the pediatrician where he was held down, screamed bloody murder, and then said "thank you (it comes out more as taint tue)" and gave the doctor a hug (which warmed my heart). The yellow marker is the one that got shoved up, the brown marker is the comparison of how much went up his nose.

Then Sadie turned 8 months old, and I've been trying to stay on the ball and taking the monthly pictures, I think I forgot to take a 7 month picture, but I'm pretty sure that was the same day as our family pictures, so that counts right?

Look at that happy girl!

 And then Thanksgiving happened! My parents drove down from Modesto to come to the Creighton Thanksgiving and I love when they come and visit. My dad and Tom agreed that if this picture was ever shown I'd be in BIIIIG trouble, so consider yourself warned Kristi!

Heston is just so helpful in the kitchen.

Our duty this year for Thanksgiving was potatoes, so we had delicious, fresh, farm potatoes from the field and we steamed and mashed those puppies, and boy were they delicious!

I gave Sadie a little taste off of the spatula that Heston is waving around, so I'm wondering how clean that thing really was......
 What a manly apron you have on dad!
Oh Tom, how those ruffles frame your beard perfectly is beyond me! Is that the price tag still on it? Ooops!

What a handsome cook he makes.

Until next time,
The Farmer's Wife and owner of many feminine aprons!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

My Artists

 I was trying to pay some bills and I tossed down some pens and paper to Hes to keep himself entertained and no sooner do I turn my back then I see my son coloring my daughter, oh heavens.

He drew on Sadie's head and then colored his neck to match.

And then he colored Sadie's feetsies and she giggled the entire time. I couldn't really get mad by that time because when they laugh at each other it warms my heart!

She doesn't look like she's mad at brother for the graffiti on her toes and head.
 Until next time,
The Farmer's Wife

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Pony Rides!

We heard through the grapevine that the Onyx Farmer's Market was having pony rides during the holiday weekend! Well we couldn't pass that up! So I called Auntie Kowees (Kalli) and we loaded up the kiddos and headed on down to Onyx in search of an adventure!

Our good friends Tiffani and Michelle (which are actually family) got Heston all ready with cousin Jake's little chaps from when he was the size of Heston, too cute!

I heaved Hes up onto the saddle, and he took to it like a cow to cud and a pig to mud.

 Ruby was so prepared to ride the ponies that she even picked out her favorite horsie shirt!
 Sadie joined in on the fun too! She loves Auntie Kowees and needed some time in her arms along with Ruby.
 Heston happened to find a tractor while he was there too, imagine that.
 Hi my little cowpoke!
 Look at those ears!
 Riding like a natural!
 He looks so serious!
There's sister Sadie with Charlie! Wave hi!

What good memories!

The Farmer's Wife
and mom to a future cowpoke!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Ah Nuts!

The guys did cattlework yesterday, so you know what that means-rocky mountain oysters for dinner! Tom is always so excited to eat these puppies, I, on the other hand, could just puke!

So I had nuts in my sink along with veins, blood, and other extras, but Tom kept chugging along!

 Then when Heston saw that I had the camera, he said "cheese" and then told me to take a picture of Sadie too, so here she is, staring at the camera.

 Then Tom filleted the nuts and posed next to Heston, clearly Heston is not interested.
 The before product....
The after....

I stilll haven't tried them and don't really want to, am I a true farmer's wife then?

The not-so-enthused-about-eating-nuts Farmer's Wife

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The Amazing Bra Man and Some of Sadie's Faces

I was busily trying to get out of the house one morning when I turned around to see my son with my bra draped over his neck running through the house. I had no other response but to laugh and then try to snap a picture of him as he was showing off.
I had the chance to visit in Modesto for a couple days and I hardly took any pictures while I was there. I was trying to enjoy moments there versus snapping pictures, but when I came in to find my mom singing and talking to Sadie I couldn't help but capture the moment.

 My mom came back home to Weldon with me and when I wasn't paying attention she smothered sister Sadie in kisses and I had to snap a couple pictures.

 Then I noticed that Heston's hair was a little shaggy so I took him outside and sat him in his big boy chair and plugged the 'ol clippers in. He was happy for a little while. She here's his before picture......
 And here's his after picture. You tell me if he was happy to have his hair cut....
 We also had little Ella come to visit again. Sadie turned 4 months while she was here so I didn't want to forget to snap a picture. Here's Sadie at 4 months, and then Heston, below, at 4 months. Wow how time flies.

Until next time!

The Farmer's Wife and Mommy of 2

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Tummy Time and Smiles

Auntie Kalli (Jack's wife) let me borrow this cute tummy time pillow and Sadie totally enjoys it!

Here she is just chillin' on it while Heston pulls her feet, go figure.

And she sure poses pretty cute for the camera!

When Heston found out I was taking pictures, he got up in my face and said "sheeeez" which means cheese of course. Then he made tons of silly faces.

Right after I took this picture with the kids getting along, I put Sadie in her bumbo seat and Heston apparently bit her toe (well that's what he said anyway). She screamed, I spanked Heston- he screamed, which scared Sadie even more, so she cried louder-oh heavens... I think Sadie still has a toe left, maybe I should go check.

 The Farmer's Wife