Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Ah Nuts!

The guys did cattlework yesterday, so you know what that means-rocky mountain oysters for dinner! Tom is always so excited to eat these puppies, I, on the other hand, could just puke!

So I had nuts in my sink along with veins, blood, and other extras, but Tom kept chugging along!

 Then when Heston saw that I had the camera, he said "cheese" and then told me to take a picture of Sadie too, so here she is, staring at the camera.

 Then Tom filleted the nuts and posed next to Heston, clearly Heston is not interested.
 The before product....
The after....

I stilll haven't tried them and don't really want to, am I a true farmer's wife then?

The not-so-enthused-about-eating-nuts Farmer's Wife

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