Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Christmas Tree Hunt of 2013

Tom, Heston, and I headed back up to West Point to cut down a Christmas tree with my parents again this year. Last year when we went, Hes was only 3 months old and I can't believe how much he has grown, I mean, he was walking this time, like a big boy!

Hes likes to act so serious, but in all reality he's just a little goober and has a pretty good personality, thank heavens! I made him wear his beanie from Auntie Mandi since it was cool up in the mountains-it didn't stay on for long.

Heston loved walking with my dad. He wanted to show grandpa all the pine cones and grass and especially the tree he thought we should get.  Heston pointed out almost every tree as a potential, a very helpful young man. When we found the tree, he helped daddy cut it down. Heston was pretty proud of himself and wanted to show off his strength.
Hes walked with grandma too and showed her how good he could walk up hills. When Hes walks now, he clasps his hands together behind his back, it's pretty cute.

Then we took a family picture of the three (well four of us) and then one of the entire Creighton-Shelton clan. We had such a blast and can't wait until next year!

The Farmer's Wife

Monday, November 18, 2013

While Tom was Away Hunting.....

While Tom was away hunting, I tried my best to keep Heston and I occupied. It was pretty easy.

My friend Alida took Heston to a toddler time, and he made these cute little elephant hand prints. I had to post them on the fridge, they make me smile each time I see them.

Then I'm trying to re-vamp the nursery so it has a feminine yet still Heston-like touch. I'm adding yellow accents to the room with fabric and flowers, but not too many though, I don't want Hes to be embarassed.

I made this collage with his pictures and silhouette. I'll add onto it more when this little girl is born. The top left picture is her ultrasound that I framed, so she already has a place on the wall!

 Then I whipped out the sewing machine and made new curtains. The ones I had before were from Wally World and they served the house well, but I was ready for a brighter touch. Tom is going to raise up the curtain rods so I can actually see past the curtains to the outside.

 Then Heston posed like a big boy. Now that he can walk he loves to prop himself up against the couch to eat munchies. Then he's showing off his leg muscles and trying to do squats and I took a picture.

Now that he's even more on an adventure, he gets into everything, and he especially loves his daddy's Playstation 2 controllers.

He still wears his beads, and anything that has a string tied to it, he assumes is a necklace. So his crocodile blocks have also become an accessory, oh heavens.

The Farmer's Wife

Monday, October 28, 2013

A Day at Grandpa's Work

I had the chance to go up and visit my parents last weekend, and what a blast Heston and I had.

I had never been to my dad's work at the Chabot Space and Science Center in Oakland, so we put it on our calendar. There were so many exhibits  and Heston was so intrigued! He loved all the astronaut displays, and especially the capsule that he got to play in.

There was also a sun exhibit that he loved and he put his hands on the globe with grandpa and watched the electricity go .towards his hands. I'm not very versed or have much knowledge in anything space related, but I had such a blast especially since I had the chance to visit it with my family (my mom is the one behind the camera, she was there too).

Enjoy the pictures of our adventures!

The Farmer's Wife

Monday, October 7, 2013

A Day at the Pumpkin Patch

Yesterday, Heston and I stole away with my good friend Amee and her girls to Murray Farms in Bakersfield. Heston loves these two girls, and I think the feeling is pretty mutual. I mean, they were fighting over who got to push the stroller, and I'm thinking, "heck, go for it, I do this all the time!".

We visited the pumpkin patch and the girls (even Amee) picked out the two cutest little pumpkins which Heston loved and cherished. We also went on the big bouncing pillow which was too much for me but Heston loved it! So Amee and the girls took one for the team and held Heston for me while the other kids bounced away.

Then the girls got their faces painted, we were trying to do it with Heston, but he wouldn't sit still long enough, so there you go.

It was a long day but oh so fun, and we had delicious food at the cafe inside, and for those that know me, I had to stop at Sonic afterward and get a tea-don't judge me.

After we got home, Heston wanted to get his wiggles out and I let him play outside as I watched from the laundry room window. He pushed his stroller out to the dirt patch and was very quiet and still, which scares me. So I walked out there with the camera, and this is what he had been doing....

Ugh, how do I keep this kid clean? He made a nice little dirt pile all over himself, but he was in heaven! I think he found a little ball of goat poop and that's what was in his hand. Was I surprised that he found poop out of the entire dirt yard, absolutely not, go figure. So I told him to show me what he had and when he looked up, it looked like all the boogies and slobber he had going on collected all the dirt that he was throwing in the air. My little dirt devil.

Needless to say, when I picked him up to take him inside for bathy time, he was not happy at all! What a full day!

The Dirt Devil's Mom

Monday, September 30, 2013

Heading to Work with Daddy

Tom came home a couple minutes ago and took Heston with him to work. I clearly wasn't prepared, and this is why Hes is still in his monkey pajamas. Tom told me to at least cover his head with a beanie, so I pulled out his favorite beanie from Auntie Mandi and covered his poor bald little head (I still couldn't fit those ears under the beanie though, those things stick out everywhere!).

I told Hes to smile for mama, but he was just too excited to see daddy. Then Hes saw the tractor parked in the driveway, oh my goodness, even better than daddy's pickup!

So I got in front of Heston for a picture and apparently blocked his view, he wasn't very happy. Tom didn't look too amused either. I can hear Heston saying, "mom, can you please just move to I can go with dad in the tractor?".
Now Heston realizes he's getting in the tractor to actually go with daddy, he's awestruck!
 Heston was analyzing which button did what, and he loves to put his hands on the wheel of anything and say "vrooom vrooom", at least he has the sound effects down.

Then they sped away to work, and all I could see as I snapped pictures were two heads bobbing up and down as they drove down the driveway. Happy Trails!

The Farmer's Wife

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Heston's Birthday

I know it's been almost a month since his actual birthday, so I apologize! Here are the picture highlights of his partay!

My mom had made him his first smash cake, but when she got here she realized she had left it in the fridge in Modesto, so we went to Vons and got this cute little block cake, and he enjoyed it just as much. He had a blast with this thing!

The following pictures are of him devouring the cake. The last two are what we had to do to get him clean, don't tell Hes that his bum is on mommy's blog for all to see!