Monday, September 30, 2013

Heading to Work with Daddy

Tom came home a couple minutes ago and took Heston with him to work. I clearly wasn't prepared, and this is why Hes is still in his monkey pajamas. Tom told me to at least cover his head with a beanie, so I pulled out his favorite beanie from Auntie Mandi and covered his poor bald little head (I still couldn't fit those ears under the beanie though, those things stick out everywhere!).

I told Hes to smile for mama, but he was just too excited to see daddy. Then Hes saw the tractor parked in the driveway, oh my goodness, even better than daddy's pickup!

So I got in front of Heston for a picture and apparently blocked his view, he wasn't very happy. Tom didn't look too amused either. I can hear Heston saying, "mom, can you please just move to I can go with dad in the tractor?".
Now Heston realizes he's getting in the tractor to actually go with daddy, he's awestruck!
 Heston was analyzing which button did what, and he loves to put his hands on the wheel of anything and say "vrooom vrooom", at least he has the sound effects down.

Then they sped away to work, and all I could see as I snapped pictures were two heads bobbing up and down as they drove down the driveway. Happy Trails!

The Farmer's Wife

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