Friday, September 21, 2012

Tom What Happened to Your Shirt?

Yes, it's true. I never know what will happen throughout one day or another. Tom came home the other night, and I actually smelled him before I saw him. It was cattle work day and boy did he smell of the day's activites. Then I actually saw him come round the corner of the house and here was his new look: bloody tie dye splattered on his shirt. "Wow" I said "what happened there?" He told me it was a gusher from a de-horning. I then proceeded to say "ouchy-wawas" and told him to please toss it in the wash.

So after he cleaned up, he had to spend some daddy time with the little man. Every time Tom comes home the baby is sleeping and so angelic, go figure! (Heston is in his little muscle man outfit from Auntie Kalli-so cute!) Tom loves watching him and playing with him. Last night Heston was talking to daddy-cooing and giggling, with some occasional high pitched squeaks. It is the best thing on earth to see his little smile and hear him talking to us. And boy does he love his daddy! But I think he did smell him before he saw him as well....

The Farmer's Wife

Thursday, September 6, 2012

He's Growing Like a Weed!

 So here's my little baby day 1-thank you to Jocelyn who took this adorable picture. And then, just yesterday I realized he's already a month old, oh my goodness!

At my baby shower, my sister in law, Dusty, had given me these sticky belly stickers for each month of his life, so I used 1 month yesterday and will try to do one each month. Then at 1 year I'm going to put all these pictures into a one year collage, we'll see how organized I can be.

But anyways, I can't believe he's already a month old! I'm learning that he doesn't like to sleep at night (go figure), he loves being outside, he loves the sound of the tractor when daddy brings it home, and he oh so loves his milk, couldn't live without it!

He's now at 11 pounds 13 ounces and 22.5 inches long, so he's eatin' well! Can't wait to see what the next month holds, and by the way, no one warned me how hard this motherhood stuff is, thank heavens for patience and coffee (which of course backfired because little Hes has been colicky everytime I try to indulge in a caffeine filled white mocha frappucino light). Oh well!

The Farmer's Wife and Future Farmer's Mama

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Ride 'Em Cowboy

After Heston was born my brother-in-law and his wifey came down to see the newest addition and visit since we hadn't seen them in awhile.
When they showed up, Matt (my brother-in-law) brought in this rocking horse from their car. Matt said he made it, I smiled and said "put it in the nursery".

So after I fed the baby, changed him, and visited, Matt and Dusty headed off to my in-laws to visit with them. My brain was clearing and switching off of baby mode and I realized that Matt had actually hand made this whole rocking horse. I felt so bad! All I said was cool and thanks, not registering that he actually MADE it, I'm such a horrible sister-in-law!

I made sure to thank him right away! I mean look at that hide and grommets and stained wood! He made it with all wood dowels and the hide is from one of our old cows. I'm so in love with this horse, and I made sure to really let him know I was appreciative. I guess sometimes I'm just stuck in baby mode and my brain turns off! Thanks Matt!

The Farmer's Wife