Tuesday, May 28, 2013

I'm Gettin' Crafty & A Little Birdie's Story

I realized after I uploaded these pictures that my sink is dirty, so don't look too close! You might just see crumbs from Tom's favorite Doritos-Buffalo Wings and Ranch in there.

I got on a crafting kick and have totally re-decorated the house. I had been wanting to make those mason jar soap dispensers for a while, and I waited until my cheap soap dispensers ran out and then used the pumps for this craft. I was pretty proud of myself, it was fairly easy, and with my handy-dandy tool box, I got these things (I did another one for our bathroom) knocked out within 10 minutes, tops! I feel like it adds a nice country touch to the kitchen. I asked Tom if he noticed anything different; sadly, he did not, go figure.

We've had a wreath on the door for a while that I crafted as well, and for the past few days I've heard birdies extra close. When I opened the door, they'd fly off, they I got extra sneaky and started looking out our glass window in the front door, and lo and behold I came eye to beak with a little birdie nesting in the wreath. I think I scared her to death! Now when I open the door, she flies to the hitching post (that Tom every so thoughtfully anchored into our yard) and perches there to watch me and wait for me to shut the door. I always check her little nest and it's so cute that that's where she decided to make her home.

Today, as Tom was leaving for work, I told him to look at the little nest she made, and there, to my surprise, in the tiniest of nests were two beautiful little eggs! "Tom, Tom, look!" So I snapped a couple pictures and can't wait for them to hatch!

The Farmer's Wife

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

New Shoes, Eating Like a Big Boy, and the Laundry Basket

I was online shopping the other day and saw the cutest little flippy flops for Heston and they were on sale! I ordered them, in the appropriate size for his fat little feet, but when I got them I couldn't get them to fit. I tried and tried, and Hes watched very amused. He now uses them as chew toys. Just goes to show that sometimes things don't turn out like you planned them!

Heston has been pulling himself up into a seated position from his tum tum and is very proud of himself.  When he rolls onto the kitchen floor, he positions himself onto his tummy and then scoots himself all around. When Tom got home yesterday, the kitchen towels were all pulled to the floor, the rugs (as shown) were flipped over and his toys were all scattered about. I'm a pretty neat and tidy person, but yesterday I just let bygones be bygones, and seeing this face makes it all worth it!

Heston also likes to feed himself with those little grain puffs. So I've been cutting them in half so he doesn't choke, and when I give them to him, he looks at me like "really mom? I can totally eat bigger pieces than that." So I gave him a whole piece, and to my amazement, he didn't choke, just stuffed it in his mouth and chewed. How did he get so big? So I sprinkled some puffs on the floor to entertain him, not sanitary, but hey, he was happy!

Then after a weekend of being gone, it was time to do some laundry. Heston loves laundry time because I toss it all out on my bed and he helps me fold them. I left to put his clothes away in the nursery and when I came back, he had the basket over his head and was playing hide and go seek with himself. I grabbed the camera really fast and he flipped the basket over to play peek a boo!

 I hope I'm able to catch all of these precious moments, I love doing this blog because I get to revisit each instance and it makes me laugh to myself! Until next time!

The Farmer's Wifey

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Getting the Garden Ready with Daddy

Heston loves Tom, I mean, really loves Tom. Heston can be a booger all day with me and then as soon as Tom comes home he lights up and is such a happy little camper.

A couple days ago, Tom wanted to get the garden started. I pulled out the plastic tub of all the seeds and pulled Heston up in his activity center to help.
Tom gave him a packet of broccoli seeds, and here are some pictures to capture the precious moments of when Heston thinks he's a big boy helping out daddy!

Heston is such a mini Tom, I love watching him watch daddy, it warms my heart.

The Farmer's Wife

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Heston's First Time on Horseback!

Aunt Joyce came over to Grandma Debi's the other day and was playing with Heston Weaver. They offered to watch him for me while I went back home and got some stuff done. Little did I know what an adventure my little man was going to have! And if I knew what a cowboy he was going to be that day, I wouldn't have let him wear his shamrock green leprechaun pants, how embarrassing.

Heston got to ride with daddy out in the fields rounding up some cattle. Grandpa showed him how to hold the reins.

Then they needed to break for lunch and Heston played with the grass. Tom showed him how to chew on it like a true farmer.

Then Grandpa helped him stand on his own two feetsies. Poor Heston, he's still too fat to have his feet support him. He's not even crawling yet, but I better hold my tongue, I'm sure as soon as he starts to crawl he'll be going a mile a minute!

The Farmer's Wife