Tuesday, May 28, 2013

I'm Gettin' Crafty & A Little Birdie's Story

I realized after I uploaded these pictures that my sink is dirty, so don't look too close! You might just see crumbs from Tom's favorite Doritos-Buffalo Wings and Ranch in there.

I got on a crafting kick and have totally re-decorated the house. I had been wanting to make those mason jar soap dispensers for a while, and I waited until my cheap soap dispensers ran out and then used the pumps for this craft. I was pretty proud of myself, it was fairly easy, and with my handy-dandy tool box, I got these things (I did another one for our bathroom) knocked out within 10 minutes, tops! I feel like it adds a nice country touch to the kitchen. I asked Tom if he noticed anything different; sadly, he did not, go figure.

We've had a wreath on the door for a while that I crafted as well, and for the past few days I've heard birdies extra close. When I opened the door, they'd fly off, they I got extra sneaky and started looking out our glass window in the front door, and lo and behold I came eye to beak with a little birdie nesting in the wreath. I think I scared her to death! Now when I open the door, she flies to the hitching post (that Tom every so thoughtfully anchored into our yard) and perches there to watch me and wait for me to shut the door. I always check her little nest and it's so cute that that's where she decided to make her home.

Today, as Tom was leaving for work, I told him to look at the little nest she made, and there, to my surprise, in the tiniest of nests were two beautiful little eggs! "Tom, Tom, look!" So I snapped a couple pictures and can't wait for them to hatch!

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