Saturday, June 1, 2013

Baling Time!

Heston and I woke up early this morning to the sound of the balers, and it's such a comforting sound. Thank heavens Hes went back to sleep, 3am was a little early, but I promised him that we'd go out when the sun came up and visit daddy.

Last night the men baled behind our house, and it's just fun to watch them in action so close to the 'ol farmhouse.

So this morning, after I painted the bathroom, I loaded Hes up in his stroller, called for Ginger, and we went to go visit daddy.

 Tom drives the bale wagon these days, which collects all the bales and stashes them nicely onto the wagon, which then makes it easier to stack the bales in our stack yard. This stackyard is east of our house, so I get to watch it grow as more and more grain comes along.

Heston was anxiously awaiting his daddy sighting, and had to have something to chew on, so I tossed him his baby spoon, which he never used and loves it as a toy, hey, whatever makes him happy!

I asked Tom if he would hold Hes and let him drive, so Tom posed for me as Heston grabbed the steering wheel with both hands, 10 and 2 (where did he learn that?) and continue to wait for Tom to push the gas. He's a natural!

Tom had to go back to work, so we walked home and did some watering of the garden and yard, Hes loves to be outside, but loves our dogs even more, so when Ginger sits next to him in the stroller, it makes his day!

Until next time,

The Farmer's Wife

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