Saturday, June 22, 2013

A Snake in the Grass

The dogs have been bugging me lately. They always run away to Dale and Debis in the morning and then I have to bring them back in the afternoon. When they get home they guzzle their food and water and then galavant off to the ditch to play with each other again. Oh heavens! Tom tells me to chain them up each day so they don't run away, but then what fun would that be?

About a week ago, I had just put Heston down for his nap and I overheard Ginger barking on the front porch. Ginger usually doesn't bark so close to the house, and this bark was different from her usual bark. So I opened the door to investigate and there, cornered under Sampson's newly built red doghouse, was a snake! I looked for a rattle, and seeing none, I hesitantly checked this thing out. It was huge and not very happy.

When I first moved into this house years ago there was a 5 foot gopher snake on the back porch and a small garden snake in my actual house, so I'm not that skirmish around them, but with a kid, I just don't like them close to my house.

I called my snake remover (Tom) and after telling him how big and scary the snake was, he drove over to save me. Tom did admit it was a pretty big snake and then removed it with our rake 'n hoe.

It was about 3 feet long and an inch in diameter, still too big for my porch.

This snake was mad! He was hissing the entire time, and Ginger's look on her face was priceless. She didn't recognize this new sound and she would constantly tilt her head and perk her ears up at the hiss.

Tom tossed the snake over the fence into the field, he didn't see a need to kill it, it did no harm. So I felt much better.

After Tom and I talked about it, we realized that after all the work that Tom did on Sampson's new doghouse, Samps hardly ever went in it. Maybe that snake had been hiding out either in or under the thing this whole time. Because after Tom removed the snake, Sampson sleeps in his house every night!

Until next time,
The Farmer's Wifey

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