Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Lazy Summer Days

Is summer over yet? It's been hot and dry enough here for TWO summers!

When the kids start to get bored and restless during the day it's time to think outside of the box (and the house).
So we starting painting and coloring!

Heston loves to paint and he tries to show Sadie how to paint as well, but she usually ends up just spilling the water cup and Heston gets so frustrated.
 My expert watercolor painter!
And with the breakfast left alone, Meow Meow decides to eat it before the kids notice.
Heston has been driving Sadie around in the Gator and she loves it! She actually fell out of the back and skinned her nose on the rocks yesterday so she's farm tough by now!
 Heston found some toy guns that my brother brought him about a year ago and he's just getting old enough to play with them. He has his cowboy hat on from Auntie Kalli and guns from Uncle Zak, so he's set!
Heston is giving Sadie a few pointers on how to drive the Gator. Heston climbs on the piano (I was trying to keep them up high so the kids wouldn't get to them, but clearly that's not stopping them) to get some real keys and brings them to Sadie to "start" the Gator with.

Until next time!

The Farmer's Wife

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Heston's New Bed

It was time for Heston to stop sleeping with Tom and I and also graduate from a crib to a big-boy bed.

Having two kids in one room hasn't quite been the transition I thought it would be, but thanks to a twin bed, I can sleep in the room if need be.

 As Tom and I were setting everything up in the room, Heston and Sadie found a new playground in the kitchen!
 Peek-a-boo Heston we see you!

 Heston and Sadie are such big helpers when it comes to putting together a box spring.
And Heston loves it so much he ALMOST (repeat almost because he still hasn't fallen asleep in his own bed yet) fell asleep.

Sadie loves brother's bed too, she can play and jump on it, so it's a good fit all the way around!

The Farmer's Wife

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

A Few of My Favorite Things....

With my last post being on April 7th, I'm a little embarrassed that I'm 4 months behind, but better late than never!

A couple of pictures that I found on my camera were ones of Sadie dressing up in her brother's tool belt. She loves to play with Heston's toys and I feel she's leaning more toward the tomboy side, so I'll just dress her up in more dresses from now on.

Here, she's playing in the basket of stuffed animals that was supposed to be a barrier preventing her from going into brother's room while he was taking a nap, but clearly this road block did nothing.
 I can't even remember taking this picture, but clearly Heston thought he need to wear daddy's goggles and run outside.
As of today, there's been a manhunt for about 2 weeks running and it's been making me a little bit nervous, granted we're not as close to the chase as most out here, but with the kiddos loving to be outside, we've been finding other ways of having fun indoors-exhibit A: the plastic cars are coming in to make laps around the house.
 Heston helped me make cookies!
And Heston also helps me with the laundry, which he's very fascinated with!

Here's the link to what is currently happening out here in case you haven't already heard:


Until next time!
(Hopefully its less that 4 months)

The Farmer's Wife