Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Happy Easter!

Our Easter began with a 6:30 am sunrise service at our little white church. Following the service there was an egg hunt, and here is Heston's booty. He made sure to bring them home and open each and every one.
 After our egg hunt at church we went over to Dale and Debi's for an Easter lunch and an egg hunt with the cousins.

In this picture, Tom is giving Heston a pep talk about the hunt, it seemed to work!
And here's sister Sadie just happy as a clam wandering the yard, she didn't really get the idea of an egg hunt...
 Heston found a couple good eggs! He would open each one as soon as he found them instead of just searching for eggs, Tom was trying to tell him it's quantity not quality that matters.

The two kiddo's egg stash. Maybe this is why they didn't sleep that night, and also the reason why I cleaned the carpets the next morning.

The cousins at Easter, it's hard to get them all to sit still, so this is the best shot.

Heston and his eggs. Bless his heart! Some of them had quarters in them and Heston saved them in his pockets to put in his piggy bank at home.

I hope everyone had a happy Easter, and let's hope I can get more on schedule doing my blog!!!

The Easter Bunny's helper....