Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Christmas Tree Adventure

We've been going going going!

Tom, Heston, and I got back from a weekend in Modesto with Grandma Ya Ya and Grandpa. We then drove from Modesto to West Point to cut down our Christmas tree, it's an annual tradition!

I brought my camera along to snap up some photos, funny how when I look back I'm hardly in any of them since I'm the picture snapper, but that's alright by me.

I love this photo of Tom and Heston dearly because of my little baby's ears. Look at those things! If those aren't daddy's ears then I don't know where he got them!

We found a great tree and will have it up soon with more pictures to come!

Oh and this was a potential family picture for the Christmas card, but Heston just couldn't keep his hands to himself, bless his heart, and his little gums.

The Farmer's Wife

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The Piano Man Visited Last Night

With our tv still getting fixed (it's been over 2 months) Tom and I have had a little more time on our hands at night, funny how much we relied on that television for our prime source of entertainment.

Last night Tom came home fairly early and did some honey-dos (bless his heart). I had dinner ready and made and we ate early. The baby had been bathed and was ready to go down for his bedtime and I asked Tom if he'd like to play the piano for little Heston. Now who knows how regularly both of us grace that poor piano bench, so it loved having Tom occupy it.

Tom plays oh so beautifully and it's such a treasure to hear him play those keys. I had to take a picture because Heston was so entranced by his playing, he'd laugh and coo and let Tom know how much he loved it!

Thanks Tom for playing for us last night!

The Farmer's Wife

Friday, November 16, 2012

All Great Men Have Beards

Whenever I complain about Tom's beard he gently reminds me that all great men have beards, oh heavens!

He recently went on his annual hunting trip and convinced me that he needed a beard to keep his face warm, okay I can buy that. But then comes his brother's wedding and it's time to clean up (I couldn't be happier)! I think I have only seen my husband clean-shaven 3 times: our wedding, Matt's (his older brother) wedding and now Jack's wedding, can more people get married please?!

So here's his before and after picture.

I think he cried a little when he was trimming off all that hair, he was oh so proud of that beard! I can't say I really miss it that much!

And since I had the camera out, Heston wanted to take pictures with daddy's beard. I hope Heston recognizes his "non-bearded" dad, Tom's had a beard since the little man was born!

The (Non-Bearded) Farmer's Wife

Saturday, November 10, 2012

It's Fireplace Time

I was pretty proud of myself this evening. With it snowing today, I looked at the thermostat in the house and when I saw that it had dropped to almost 50 degrees I decided that I needed to start up the 'ol fireplace. Before Tom left he had stocked up our woodpile on the backporch, but I usually always leave this fire making duty to Tom. I know you're wondering why I'm such a woosy when it comes to firemaking. Well our house was oakie rigged. As you can see from the picture our flume goes straight out instead of up. So to get a fire going and sucessfully not smoke out the house (which I have done numerous times and then cried) you have to crack the window closest to the fireplace then have a fan on standby (a billow is just not enough). So I looked at my poor eskimo baby that I had bundled up and decided that it was my motherly duty to keep my child warm. I prayed and then set about chopping kindling and getting newspaper ready. I kept on it for about ten minutes and then lo and behold, I had this: FIRE! I prayed and told Jesus thank you, then I sat next to the baby and we marveled at how mom can actually make fires now, and we're both pretty warm!

The Farmer's Wife and maker of FIRE!

Saturday, November 3, 2012

The Many Faces of Heston Weaver

 With daddy gone huntin' for the big one, baby and I have been getting up early every morning and playing together (since I don't have the breakfast duty for now). This morning the little man decided to be oh so very photogenic, so I whipped out the camera and started snapping! These pictures are proof that Heston is really happy at times, I promise!

The Farmer's Wife and Little Weaver's Mama

Thursday, November 1, 2012


 Everyone says that Heston looks so much like Tom,and it's true! There are the eyebrows and the ears and his dapper good looks, but last week my dad wanted to give me this picture of him as a baby (he's the one on the left). I was amazed at how similar Heston and my dad look. I love seeing where Heston's looks come from, as he gets older they're getting more and more pronounced!

And to my Uncle Steve on the right, sorry, he doesn't look a thing like you! Love you Uncle Steve!

The Farmer's Wife