Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The Piano Man Visited Last Night

With our tv still getting fixed (it's been over 2 months) Tom and I have had a little more time on our hands at night, funny how much we relied on that television for our prime source of entertainment.

Last night Tom came home fairly early and did some honey-dos (bless his heart). I had dinner ready and made and we ate early. The baby had been bathed and was ready to go down for his bedtime and I asked Tom if he'd like to play the piano for little Heston. Now who knows how regularly both of us grace that poor piano bench, so it loved having Tom occupy it.

Tom plays oh so beautifully and it's such a treasure to hear him play those keys. I had to take a picture because Heston was so entranced by his playing, he'd laugh and coo and let Tom know how much he loved it!

Thanks Tom for playing for us last night!

The Farmer's Wife

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