Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The Fish Hatchery

Here are all those pictures I had promised in my last blog.

This is the fish hatchery up in Kernville, and thank heavens we went before the big fishing derby weekend. There was no one there the day we went and it was so much fun. We bought some of those fish food pellets and tossed them into each of the rows and watched the little fishies jump.

Mandi kept getting splashed with all the fish water, and Heston loved to watch them gliding through the water. Sadly, after feeding the fishies, our hands smelled so bad. Good thing for all those baby wipes I stash!

 Heston was so spoiled being held constantly and was very proud of his new hat. His little cheeks still burned though.

Zak and Mandi posed in front of the sign, and Heston started laughing so hard at who knows what, and I happened to snap a picture at the perfect moment. His laugh makes me melt with his wrinkled nose and little teeth.

After the hatchery, we drove up towards River Kern and stopped to get some refreshments and play at the river. Zak pushed the stroller down to the river bank and we took off Heston's shoes and dipped them in the cool water. He was not a fan! Too cold!

Well, here's to more adventures!

The Farmer's Wife

Friday, April 19, 2013

Time for Our Garden....Again!

How did time fly this fast? I thought I was just pickling the cucumbers 10 months pregnant! Tom looooves having a garden, and I think I'm tolerant of it. Yes, the produce is delicious, but when you have 20 squash plants that produce over 20 squash each, those 400 squashes (is that a word?) aren't necessary.

I heard Tom start up the bobcat the other day and after about an hour I came out and saw this. My proactive husband getting it all ready. I wonder what we'll plant this year. We keep stashing up seeds. I'll keep you posted.

And while he was getting the garden ready, Auntie Mandi was taking pictures of Heston and I fartin' around.....

Say cheese!

The Farmer's Wife

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Heston's Fun Week With His Auntie & Uncle

Both my brother and sister had the opportunity to visit, and boy did Heston have a blast! Auntie Mandi had been stationed in Hawaii, then Texas, and hadn't seen Heston since his birth. My brother Zak takes occasional visits down here to Weldon, but it was so nice to have them both here together.

The following are some adventures we all had together:

 After doing laundry, Heston found Zak's (clean) boxers and somehow got them around his entire body, he then proceeded to talk very loudly (hence the open mouth) to prove to us how smart he really is.

Then Mandi had the chance to watch Hes for me, and she set up the timer on the camera. With each pose, Mandi said Hes would wrap his arm around her face, so cute!

Then, of course, there was the picture with Mandi and Heston up close and personal; Hes seems to be oh so very intrigued by something out of the corner of his eye.

We then went to the fish hatchery out in Kernville, and we had such a blast. Hes hates wearing hats, so I have to flip up the bill so he didn't see it on his head. Zak loves holding him and fartin' around with him. There will be more pictures to come of the fish hatchery.....

And of course, Hes was totally pooped after a long day with all his family, and Mandi couldn't help but snap this picture of her favorite little nephew. Look at those chubby cheeks!

The Farmer's Wife

Monday, April 8, 2013

Baffy Time

With my sister down visiting, it's been so much easier around here, plus tons of fun, I've forgot what a total dork I am with my siblings around.

Last night during Heston's bath time, Mandi whipped out the camera and got some shots. So here's a documention of his bath. We were very careful not include any completely nakey pictures, I'm sure he would be mortified in his later years if he saw any of himself exposed on his mom's blog.

The Farmer's Wife

Friday, April 5, 2013

My Husband-The Bearded One

So apparently, my husband was in the newspaper awhile ago, and when I came upon the pictures I realized how bearded he really is. He looks like those 49ers out gold mining, especially with that hat. What to do? No amount of persuasion works when it comes to trying to get him to clean up.

He always tells me that he never comments about how I should do my hair, and that's true. So I chose to pick my battles, and if that beard keeps the wind off his face, then so be it!

Here's the link from the Bakersfield Californian if you wanted to take a gander:


Monday, April 1, 2013

A Morning After the Rain

We heard the pitter-patter of rain last night so Heston and I went out to investigate! It wasn't much but what a blessing it was!

The baby goats pranced around in the rain, Sampson slept on the grass instead of his doghouse, and the chickens ran for cover!

I took my camera out this morning while doing the chores and snapped a couple of pictures of the early morning farm life after a fresh sprinkle from above.

 Sampson is getting ready to go to work with Tom, and the goats were very interested in what I was doing out there with a camera, needless to say, they needed to investigate as well.

Then there's Ginger who waits for me ever so patiently each morning. But as she waits, she stares at the barn across from the goats to see if there are any rabbits ready to chase.

And then, of course, I come inside and see my handsome Heston Weaver just fartin' around on the floor with not a care in the world!

The Farmer's Wife