Monday, April 1, 2013

A Morning After the Rain

We heard the pitter-patter of rain last night so Heston and I went out to investigate! It wasn't much but what a blessing it was!

The baby goats pranced around in the rain, Sampson slept on the grass instead of his doghouse, and the chickens ran for cover!

I took my camera out this morning while doing the chores and snapped a couple of pictures of the early morning farm life after a fresh sprinkle from above.

 Sampson is getting ready to go to work with Tom, and the goats were very interested in what I was doing out there with a camera, needless to say, they needed to investigate as well.

Then there's Ginger who waits for me ever so patiently each morning. But as she waits, she stares at the barn across from the goats to see if there are any rabbits ready to chase.

And then, of course, I come inside and see my handsome Heston Weaver just fartin' around on the floor with not a care in the world!

The Farmer's Wife

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