Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The Fish Hatchery

Here are all those pictures I had promised in my last blog.

This is the fish hatchery up in Kernville, and thank heavens we went before the big fishing derby weekend. There was no one there the day we went and it was so much fun. We bought some of those fish food pellets and tossed them into each of the rows and watched the little fishies jump.

Mandi kept getting splashed with all the fish water, and Heston loved to watch them gliding through the water. Sadly, after feeding the fishies, our hands smelled so bad. Good thing for all those baby wipes I stash!

 Heston was so spoiled being held constantly and was very proud of his new hat. His little cheeks still burned though.

Zak and Mandi posed in front of the sign, and Heston started laughing so hard at who knows what, and I happened to snap a picture at the perfect moment. His laugh makes me melt with his wrinkled nose and little teeth.

After the hatchery, we drove up towards River Kern and stopped to get some refreshments and play at the river. Zak pushed the stroller down to the river bank and we took off Heston's shoes and dipped them in the cool water. He was not a fan! Too cold!

Well, here's to more adventures!

The Farmer's Wife

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Mandi said...

What a good day! I miss that little guy every day I'm away. You too, of course, but he's just so happy it's irresistible!