Tuesday, June 24, 2014

The Uncles Visit!

I headed up to Modesto about a month ago when I heard that my Uncle Gus was visiting from Japan. I hadn't seen him since my wedding which was what, 5 years ago? So it was due time to see him again! I took sister Sadie and Heston with me, so here are 2 pictures from the visit: one with Heston playing the piano at my mom's house, and the second with Uncle Gus holding my almost nakie son and Sadie just lounging around in the background!

On a side note, Uncle Gus makes silhouettes in Japan, so when Heston was about 8 months and chubby as ever, I asked Gus to make one for Heston so that I could put it up in his nursery.  So here's Heston's artwork (Uncle Gus did the one that I pasted onto the yellow canvas-top middle) and it goes in his nursery perfectly! Oh and there's the "H" that my good friend Maggie made for him as well! Each decoration has a story and a little love intertwined.

 Then Uncle Tricky came for a visit down here to Weldon and Heston just loooooves him! I mean, giggles, laughs, and looks up to him (well don't most people due to that insane height?). I made some toast and Heston wanted to be a big boy just like Zak so he partook of some of the toast as well. Look at those two goobers!

Until next time,
The Farmer's Wife

Monday, June 16, 2014

Father's Day

For Father's Day this year we did extra low key. I waited for Tom to go to bed and then I cut two ties out of scrapbook paper, taped them on glass jars and filled them with Tom's favorite candies: Hot Tamales and Whoppers. The little jar is from Sadie and the large jar is from Heston. The beer mug is from me, it's supposed to look like beer in the glass with butterscotch candies and marshmallows for the foam-Tom totally didn't get it, nuts....

And then with this fire up here, I tried to catch a picture during the night, it's so beautiful and scary all in the same breath. Here's a shout out to our firefighters!

The Farmer's Wife

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Ella's Visit to Weldon

If you don't know how special little Ella Grace is to me and our family, then here's the quick 411: Ella's mom, Julie, used to babysit me, my sister, and brother. Then when my sis and I grew up, we babysat Julie's kids (including Ella), and now, living so far away, Ella watches my kids when she comes. So generations of our families have been intertwined and it warms my heart when my kids smile at Ella because my sister and I LOVED to babysit Ella and we got to see that same grin on her face.

So story aside, Ella came to visit good 'ol Weldon, and here are some pictures to document the highlights of our week:

We headed over to the Wofford Heights park and played on the equipment, Heston loved the slides and swings most of all!

We played outside, and Heston is totally photo-bombing this picture with his nakie buns!
Then Ella lost a tooth, right here in Weldon in my own truck! I felt so honored, and yes, the tooth fairy totally visited her!
 Then we had pizza night and watched cartoons together!
 Heston loved to snuggle with her-and pull her hair, and scratch her face, and pick her nose, the list goes on.....
 Then we made cloud dough out of flour and baby oil and played with that for awhile.
 And Sadie just watched.
Then Ella drove  his Gator around and we played with the bubble gun while Ginger hung out.
 Then Ella showed off her skills and Heston totally wanted up on the bars too!

P.S. I totally didn't censor this one, don't tell him!
 Then we snuggled some more!
 Ella and Sadie watching TV. Sadie is actually watching! Am I rotting her brain at an early age?
Then Sadie and Ella snuggling. Sadie fell asleep so fast in Ella's arms!

We miss you already Ella!

Until next time!
The Farmer's Wife

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Staying Pretty Busy!

I've been on Pinterest a lot this week, I'm not sure why, maybe I think my creative juices are going to start flowing, but who knows.

I saw this idea of a ruler to mark the growing process of your kiddos and loved it! I told Tom I wanted him to do it- and thinking that it would take a couple months- I was taken aback when Tom came in the house with this all made. Oh Tom, sometimes you just surprise me! So here's Heston thinking he's going to get to play with daddy's drill and no interest in daddy's new project whatsoever.

 Then Heston found daddy's stash of headlamps and put one on. He came in to show me and I just laughed to myself. He thinks he's such a big boy- just like daddy.

In trying to keep Heston busy while I give Sadie my attention, I again went to Pinterest in search of some toddler activities. I found a couple, including cutting holes in the lid of a Pringles can and giving him straws to fit through the holes. I also made a bin of plastic bottles and lids and Hes gets to try to match the right lids with the bottles. Then I made soft play doh by combining corn starch and conditioner and gave him some cookie cutters to cut out shapes. These projects kept him busy for no more than 20 minutes, but still, it was 20 minutes of quiet.

And then sometimes I just sit around and let Sadie play on the blankie while Heston hovers over her. And then my heart melts when he leans over and gives her a big 'ol slobbery kiss!

The Farmer's Wife and mother of Two Pretty Busy Kiddos!