Sunday, June 15, 2014

Ella's Visit to Weldon

If you don't know how special little Ella Grace is to me and our family, then here's the quick 411: Ella's mom, Julie, used to babysit me, my sister, and brother. Then when my sis and I grew up, we babysat Julie's kids (including Ella), and now, living so far away, Ella watches my kids when she comes. So generations of our families have been intertwined and it warms my heart when my kids smile at Ella because my sister and I LOVED to babysit Ella and we got to see that same grin on her face.

So story aside, Ella came to visit good 'ol Weldon, and here are some pictures to document the highlights of our week:

We headed over to the Wofford Heights park and played on the equipment, Heston loved the slides and swings most of all!

We played outside, and Heston is totally photo-bombing this picture with his nakie buns!
Then Ella lost a tooth, right here in Weldon in my own truck! I felt so honored, and yes, the tooth fairy totally visited her!
 Then we had pizza night and watched cartoons together!
 Heston loved to snuggle with her-and pull her hair, and scratch her face, and pick her nose, the list goes on.....
 Then we made cloud dough out of flour and baby oil and played with that for awhile.
 And Sadie just watched.
Then Ella drove  his Gator around and we played with the bubble gun while Ginger hung out.
 Then Ella showed off her skills and Heston totally wanted up on the bars too!

P.S. I totally didn't censor this one, don't tell him!
 Then we snuggled some more!
 Ella and Sadie watching TV. Sadie is actually watching! Am I rotting her brain at an early age?
Then Sadie and Ella snuggling. Sadie fell asleep so fast in Ella's arms!

We miss you already Ella!

Until next time!
The Farmer's Wife

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