Sunday, March 2, 2014

My Kid, Kids, and the Kid to Come!

Last night Tom made a fire and Heston loves to help carry the smaller pieces of firewood in for daddy. He's pretty helpful. As Tom was starting the fire, Heston was right there next to him passing him wood. As I sat in the recliner (the only chair I'm comfortable in these days) I was laughing to myself at the sight of my two favorite boys working side by side and how much they resemble each other. I mean, look at those ears! The ears have to be a dead giveaway.

Did I mention that it rained? It rained and we're oh so excited here on the farm. I don't think Heston even knew what rain was! On two separate occasions I bundled Heston up and put on his cute little rubber boots and just let him have at the rain puddles- he was in heaven! Sampson, our dog, had to be in on the action too, and Heston loved the company.

 Here at the Tom and Kristi house we had a batch of little goat kids and they're such a different color than we're used to. We got black! We let them out to run around today and stretch their little kid legs, and I love how they romp and jump, it's so cute. I told Heston to come and look at the babies and before I could turn my head, he had run over to the rock pile and starting climbing it. Clearly the rocks were way more interesting than the babies. Oh well, I enjoyed watching the kids at least.

Also, did I mention that I'm preggo? I'm currently 37 1/2 weeks and figured it was time for proof with some pictures. I asked Tom if he would take some pictures of me, and when I tried to pose by putting Heston on the ground he was not too happy. So Tom and I were laughing at the most pitiful crying face that Heston would do. So I picked him up and the sad face turned happy, and I love his smile. It melts my heart.

Since I'm so much slower these days Heston pretty much can entertain himself, and I'm amazed at what he does to keep himself busy. Yesterday, he found my stash of bags and wore one of them on his head while he walked around. He then proceeded to run into things which made me laugh, and so he laughed, hey-whatever makes him happy!

The Farmer's Wife