Tuesday, June 24, 2014

The Uncles Visit!

I headed up to Modesto about a month ago when I heard that my Uncle Gus was visiting from Japan. I hadn't seen him since my wedding which was what, 5 years ago? So it was due time to see him again! I took sister Sadie and Heston with me, so here are 2 pictures from the visit: one with Heston playing the piano at my mom's house, and the second with Uncle Gus holding my almost nakie son and Sadie just lounging around in the background!

On a side note, Uncle Gus makes silhouettes in Japan, so when Heston was about 8 months and chubby as ever, I asked Gus to make one for Heston so that I could put it up in his nursery.  So here's Heston's artwork (Uncle Gus did the one that I pasted onto the yellow canvas-top middle) and it goes in his nursery perfectly! Oh and there's the "H" that my good friend Maggie made for him as well! Each decoration has a story and a little love intertwined.

 Then Uncle Tricky came for a visit down here to Weldon and Heston just loooooves him! I mean, giggles, laughs, and looks up to him (well don't most people due to that insane height?). I made some toast and Heston wanted to be a big boy just like Zak so he partook of some of the toast as well. Look at those two goobers!

Until next time,
The Farmer's Wife

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