Thursday, July 3, 2014

Tummy Time and Smiles

Auntie Kalli (Jack's wife) let me borrow this cute tummy time pillow and Sadie totally enjoys it!

Here she is just chillin' on it while Heston pulls her feet, go figure.

And she sure poses pretty cute for the camera!

When Heston found out I was taking pictures, he got up in my face and said "sheeeez" which means cheese of course. Then he made tons of silly faces.

Right after I took this picture with the kids getting along, I put Sadie in her bumbo seat and Heston apparently bit her toe (well that's what he said anyway). She screamed, I spanked Heston- he screamed, which scared Sadie even more, so she cried louder-oh heavens... I think Sadie still has a toe left, maybe I should go check.

 The Farmer's Wife

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