Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The Amazing Bra Man and Some of Sadie's Faces

I was busily trying to get out of the house one morning when I turned around to see my son with my bra draped over his neck running through the house. I had no other response but to laugh and then try to snap a picture of him as he was showing off.
I had the chance to visit in Modesto for a couple days and I hardly took any pictures while I was there. I was trying to enjoy moments there versus snapping pictures, but when I came in to find my mom singing and talking to Sadie I couldn't help but capture the moment.

 My mom came back home to Weldon with me and when I wasn't paying attention she smothered sister Sadie in kisses and I had to snap a couple pictures.

 Then I noticed that Heston's hair was a little shaggy so I took him outside and sat him in his big boy chair and plugged the 'ol clippers in. He was happy for a little while. She here's his before picture......
 And here's his after picture. You tell me if he was happy to have his hair cut....
 We also had little Ella come to visit again. Sadie turned 4 months while she was here so I didn't want to forget to snap a picture. Here's Sadie at 4 months, and then Heston, below, at 4 months. Wow how time flies.

Until next time!

The Farmer's Wife and Mommy of 2

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