Sunday, June 1, 2014

Staying Pretty Busy!

I've been on Pinterest a lot this week, I'm not sure why, maybe I think my creative juices are going to start flowing, but who knows.

I saw this idea of a ruler to mark the growing process of your kiddos and loved it! I told Tom I wanted him to do it- and thinking that it would take a couple months- I was taken aback when Tom came in the house with this all made. Oh Tom, sometimes you just surprise me! So here's Heston thinking he's going to get to play with daddy's drill and no interest in daddy's new project whatsoever.

 Then Heston found daddy's stash of headlamps and put one on. He came in to show me and I just laughed to myself. He thinks he's such a big boy- just like daddy.

In trying to keep Heston busy while I give Sadie my attention, I again went to Pinterest in search of some toddler activities. I found a couple, including cutting holes in the lid of a Pringles can and giving him straws to fit through the holes. I also made a bin of plastic bottles and lids and Hes gets to try to match the right lids with the bottles. Then I made soft play doh by combining corn starch and conditioner and gave him some cookie cutters to cut out shapes. These projects kept him busy for no more than 20 minutes, but still, it was 20 minutes of quiet.

And then sometimes I just sit around and let Sadie play on the blankie while Heston hovers over her. And then my heart melts when he leans over and gives her a big 'ol slobbery kiss!

The Farmer's Wife and mother of Two Pretty Busy Kiddos!

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