Thursday, May 22, 2014

Sadie is 2 Months!

Here's my little sweet Sadie at two months old. She had her appointment yesterday and I totally forgot to take her picture, so today I put a little headband on her and used the same number stickers as Heston used.

Here's Heston at 2 months, I thought they looked pretty similar, but now that I see the comparison, maybe she does look a little different. She has much larger eyes but still the same cheeks and mouth!
I took off the headband for this picture. My mom doesn't like when Sadie has on big bows and headbands, she takes them off as soon as she sees Sadie with them on. I love my mom, so here's a no-headband picture just for her!
 But since I took the headband off of Sadie, Heston found it and tried to get it to fit his big noggin.

 Guess it's not going to fit!
Smile Sadie!

The Farmer's Wife

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