Thursday, May 2, 2013

Heston's First Time on Horseback!

Aunt Joyce came over to Grandma Debi's the other day and was playing with Heston Weaver. They offered to watch him for me while I went back home and got some stuff done. Little did I know what an adventure my little man was going to have! And if I knew what a cowboy he was going to be that day, I wouldn't have let him wear his shamrock green leprechaun pants, how embarrassing.

Heston got to ride with daddy out in the fields rounding up some cattle. Grandpa showed him how to hold the reins.

Then they needed to break for lunch and Heston played with the grass. Tom showed him how to chew on it like a true farmer.

Then Grandpa helped him stand on his own two feetsies. Poor Heston, he's still too fat to have his feet support him. He's not even crawling yet, but I better hold my tongue, I'm sure as soon as he starts to crawl he'll be going a mile a minute!

The Farmer's Wife

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