Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Getting the Garden Ready with Daddy

Heston loves Tom, I mean, really loves Tom. Heston can be a booger all day with me and then as soon as Tom comes home he lights up and is such a happy little camper.

A couple days ago, Tom wanted to get the garden started. I pulled out the plastic tub of all the seeds and pulled Heston up in his activity center to help.
Tom gave him a packet of broccoli seeds, and here are some pictures to capture the precious moments of when Heston thinks he's a big boy helping out daddy!

Heston is such a mini Tom, I love watching him watch daddy, it warms my heart.

The Farmer's Wife

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The Coolidges said...

Oh Kristi, that 3rd one from the bottom is just too much!! I love his red hair!