Thursday, September 6, 2012

He's Growing Like a Weed!

 So here's my little baby day 1-thank you to Jocelyn who took this adorable picture. And then, just yesterday I realized he's already a month old, oh my goodness!

At my baby shower, my sister in law, Dusty, had given me these sticky belly stickers for each month of his life, so I used 1 month yesterday and will try to do one each month. Then at 1 year I'm going to put all these pictures into a one year collage, we'll see how organized I can be.

But anyways, I can't believe he's already a month old! I'm learning that he doesn't like to sleep at night (go figure), he loves being outside, he loves the sound of the tractor when daddy brings it home, and he oh so loves his milk, couldn't live without it!

He's now at 11 pounds 13 ounces and 22.5 inches long, so he's eatin' well! Can't wait to see what the next month holds, and by the way, no one warned me how hard this motherhood stuff is, thank heavens for patience and coffee (which of course backfired because little Hes has been colicky everytime I try to indulge in a caffeine filled white mocha frappucino light). Oh well!

The Farmer's Wife and Future Farmer's Mama

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