Saturday, September 1, 2012

Ride 'Em Cowboy

After Heston was born my brother-in-law and his wifey came down to see the newest addition and visit since we hadn't seen them in awhile.
When they showed up, Matt (my brother-in-law) brought in this rocking horse from their car. Matt said he made it, I smiled and said "put it in the nursery".

So after I fed the baby, changed him, and visited, Matt and Dusty headed off to my in-laws to visit with them. My brain was clearing and switching off of baby mode and I realized that Matt had actually hand made this whole rocking horse. I felt so bad! All I said was cool and thanks, not registering that he actually MADE it, I'm such a horrible sister-in-law!

I made sure to thank him right away! I mean look at that hide and grommets and stained wood! He made it with all wood dowels and the hide is from one of our old cows. I'm so in love with this horse, and I made sure to really let him know I was appreciative. I guess sometimes I'm just stuck in baby mode and my brain turns off! Thanks Matt!

The Farmer's Wife

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