Monday, November 18, 2013

While Tom was Away Hunting.....

While Tom was away hunting, I tried my best to keep Heston and I occupied. It was pretty easy.

My friend Alida took Heston to a toddler time, and he made these cute little elephant hand prints. I had to post them on the fridge, they make me smile each time I see them.

Then I'm trying to re-vamp the nursery so it has a feminine yet still Heston-like touch. I'm adding yellow accents to the room with fabric and flowers, but not too many though, I don't want Hes to be embarassed.

I made this collage with his pictures and silhouette. I'll add onto it more when this little girl is born. The top left picture is her ultrasound that I framed, so she already has a place on the wall!

 Then I whipped out the sewing machine and made new curtains. The ones I had before were from Wally World and they served the house well, but I was ready for a brighter touch. Tom is going to raise up the curtain rods so I can actually see past the curtains to the outside.

 Then Heston posed like a big boy. Now that he can walk he loves to prop himself up against the couch to eat munchies. Then he's showing off his leg muscles and trying to do squats and I took a picture.

Now that he's even more on an adventure, he gets into everything, and he especially loves his daddy's Playstation 2 controllers.

He still wears his beads, and anything that has a string tied to it, he assumes is a necklace. So his crocodile blocks have also become an accessory, oh heavens.

The Farmer's Wife