Sunday, August 31, 2014

Pony Rides!

We heard through the grapevine that the Onyx Farmer's Market was having pony rides during the holiday weekend! Well we couldn't pass that up! So I called Auntie Kowees (Kalli) and we loaded up the kiddos and headed on down to Onyx in search of an adventure!

Our good friends Tiffani and Michelle (which are actually family) got Heston all ready with cousin Jake's little chaps from when he was the size of Heston, too cute!

I heaved Hes up onto the saddle, and he took to it like a cow to cud and a pig to mud.

 Ruby was so prepared to ride the ponies that she even picked out her favorite horsie shirt!
 Sadie joined in on the fun too! She loves Auntie Kowees and needed some time in her arms along with Ruby.
 Heston happened to find a tractor while he was there too, imagine that.
 Hi my little cowpoke!
 Look at those ears!
 Riding like a natural!
 He looks so serious!
There's sister Sadie with Charlie! Wave hi!

What good memories!

The Farmer's Wife
and mom to a future cowpoke!

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