Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Workin' With Daddy

Tom said that he wanted something extra delicious for dinner.
"Fine" I said, "but as a trade-off could you please keep Heston here at home while I run to the store?"
"Easy enough" replied my hubby.

So I pulled out the baby carrier and strapped it onto my husband's broad shoulders and plopped the baby inside.

Heston loves this front carrier, he always likes to be held on the front of you looking out so he can see the world, so this carrier was perfect for a day of work with dad.

As you can see Tom was having a blast, and I snapped pictures of him walking away with tools in hand, ready to clean up our property.

When I got home, Heston was inside with Tom. Upon asking why they already high-tailed it back into the warm house, Tom replied "Weaver's cheeks were too cold". What a good dad!

The Farmer's Wifey

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