Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas Morning!

We let poor Ginger in because it was so cold outside on Christmas morning. Heston loves to play under the Christmas tree, it's so shiny and bright and he's pretty entertained. Ginger loves Heston and will always look for him when she comes in the house. As soon as she finds him she lays down right beside him. Heston loves to grab her nose and then push her with his feet, it's a love-hate relationship, but they're working it out.

Santa brought Weaver some clothes, and he looks pretty excited I guess. I think Tom is more
excited than Heston is, but at least he has somewhat of a smirk!

At Dale and Debi's, Santa put a "cow tale" candy in Dale's stocking, so as the rest of us were opening presents, Heston was sucking on the cow tale. He seemed to enjoy it. I put a before and after picture. The after picture shows the candy smeared all over his mouth, bless his little heart, he was having a blast with Grandpa Dale!

The Farmer's Wife

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