Monday, December 31, 2012

The Joys of Motherhood

It all happened yesterday when I decided to make myself a nice grilled ham sandwich. I loaded on the ingredients: mustard, mayo, cheese, ham, pickles, lettuce, pepperoni, the works!

I grilled it and put it on my plate and ate it while holding Heston and watching the Real Housewives. The baby was in a great mood just hanging out and I was eating my delicious sandwich, little did I know this was a recipe for disaster.

I was holding Heston on my lap and would then grab the sandwich to eat it. With a couple bites I realized I must have used the tangy mustard because it had a little "bite" to it. I was licking my fingers and enjoying every bite until I realized that my child had just pooped his pants, and, the mustard I was licking off of my fingers was poo! Oh my gosh I just started laughing, does this mean I'm a true mother now? I just ate my kid's poo, yucky!

I called Tom and told him the great news and he couldn't stop laughing. Oh heavens, just another day of motherhood!

The Farmer's Wife

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