Friday, December 21, 2012

Christmas Memories

When the three of us headed back from Heston's shower in Modesto, we stopped to pick up Auntie Sandy in Chowchilla from a Christmas party. When we went inside to get her, Santa was there, can you believe it?! So our family got a picture with Santa, our first Christmas together!

Then I went to a Christmas Party at the Claytastic Creations in Kernville and made an ornament for little Weaver, yes it's John Deere colors, and no, I am not creative by any means and this stocking ornament proves it!

I then went to Bakersfield last week to complete my Christmas shopping, and while at TJ Maxx I found two molding ornament decorations (is that what they're called?) and instead of making my own concotion through Pinterest recipes, I decided to use these for Heston's hand and footprints. Tom helped immensely by shaping them and placing his prints on them. So now we have three extra special ornaments! But we also have tons more extra special ornaments for Heston from friends and family that we get to keep putting back up on the tree each year, so thank you!

The Farmer's Wife

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