Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Spring & Rabbits

Good morning!

Spring is here, and the birdies are chirping outside even this early in the morning.

Well yesterday, our dog, Ginger, caught a rabbit for us and placed it on the front door mat, poor rabbit. Ginger catches more voles, gophers, mice, rabbits, (and leaves- apparently from the picture) than our cats combined. And with the alfalfa behind the house, the more rabbits that Ginger catches now, the better!

I went out to water the plants yesterday, and our apple tree that was recently planted, Gurdy (yes she has a name) is blooming- what a reminder about spring! My sister grafted Gurdy in FFA and tried keeping it alive in a pot. So when I moved out here, we decided to plant her out in the sun and rich soil, and she's thriving!

Last night for dinner I made a Pioneer Woman recipe again, boy do I love her!
It was delicious, if you're interested in making it, click here for the recipe.

And then for dessert I saw a recipe in Country Living for Trisha Yearwood's new cookbook, and these are delish!
Click here for the recipe from Country Living.

So now I'm fat from dinner and dessert, but they were so good!

Until next time!
The Farmer's Wife

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Monica said...

My Dear, Sweet, Kristi,
I just got to my emails after being in Lafayette with Eric and Tricia for about 3 wks and this precious blog greeted me. I don't have time to see all the goodies, but what I have seen so far is so great. Keep up the good work. I will be looking forward to seeing what a 'farmers wife' does day by day. By the way, those kittens are sooooo cute!
Aunt Moni