Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Days Until Year One!

In honor of our first year of marriage, I've decided to reminisce about the the beginnings of our relationship together.

How my husband and I met each other is a miracle in itself, and boy am I blessed to have heard that still small voice in my head directing me down the right path.

The fist picture with the mountain in the background is on our first date together. He drove me up to Johnsondale in his parent's big Dodge truck and I felt like a million bucks. That was the first time he held my hand, and I remember feeling those butterflies. We went to a cute little restaurant called the Ponderosa, and me being a previous vegetarian ordered a simple grilled cheese sandwich. Him, being a meat and potatoes guy, was very leery on how this relationship would work...

I remember vividly seeing a couple across from our table in love and holding hands. And in the early stages of dating girls usually wonder, will this guy and I be like that too? Well I'm lucky enough to have him as my husband now.

Look at me rambling, heavens, until next time!
The Farmer's Wife

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