Saturday, May 12, 2012

For my birthday a couple days ago, my sis asked me what I truly and really wanted. I told her there were 2 things I was saving up for: a new camera to take good pictures of baby Creighton and a garmin gps for the car (since I get lost pretty easily).

Mandi (my sis) had told me she was sending me baby clothes and a chewy bone for Ginger, but when I opened the package, I wasn't expecting to see this! A new Canon Rebel! Well the hormones kicked in, or maybe it's just because I miss my sis, but I did shed some tears. I called her to thank her, and she brushed it off like it was no big deal! Bless her heart!

So now I have a good camera to take pictures of baby and of more exciting happenings on the farm. And yes, I took a pciture of a camera with my old camera, and yes, that's my washing machine, it was the closest flat surface I had at the moment.

The Farmer's Wife

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Mandi said...

I'm sure glad you liked it big sis :)