Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Gurdy the Apple Tree

I know you might have heard about Gurdy the apple tree before in my previous blogs, but today is her day to shine-again.

When my sister was in 9th grade (I believe), she had a farmer come in to her FFA class and teach them each how to graft fruit trees. The man gave each student a little apple tree to plant. Mandi brought hers home and I remember planting little Gurdy in a pot near the pool. Gurdy was doing great, she was living the life.

Then when I got married and my parents found out what an interest both Tom and I had in fruit trees, they decided that Gurdy needed a better life where she could thrive in the ground and not a mere terra cotta planter.

Gurdy was planted here about 2 years ago. She's having a hard time adjusting, with the wind, heat, cold, and buggies, she's still pulling through. Today I went outside to water her and lo and behold she has little apples (pictured at left). Last year she had little apples as well but the birdies got them all before we could taste test.

We'll see how this year goes!

Mandi- if you're reading this, we're taking care of her I promise! Your little Gurdy is safe with us here in Weldon!

The Farmer's Wife

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Mandi said...

I'm so proud of Gurdy! Are those apples actually any good? I wanna try one, maybe make something with them...?