Monday, July 22, 2013

What Is It With This House and Snakes?!

I was so proud of myself yesterday, I got a bite from the re-decorating  bug, granted there's not much I can move in my living room but I angled things differently, vacuumed out window sills, cleaned the leather on the couches, dusted like no one's business and fluffed up the pillows. I stepped back and saw that everything was good.
Later that night, Tom and I had grilled up some delicious hamburgers outside and we sat on the porch with Heston and enjoyed the night air.  After dinner I told Tom that I was going to hop in the shower, and could he watch Heston for me please. Tom rocked Hes in his nursery as I shaved my legs and spent my "me" time relaxing in the shower.

I came out of the shower to tell Tom (who was still in the nursery with Hes) that if he wanted to start a movie I was ready. As I walked to Heston's room I saw a large black snake in the middle of my living room. I thought to myself: "wow, I didn't know that I bought a rubber snake for Hes, it looks so lifelike." That's when it started slithering across the carpet and I started screaming-not sissy-like, but enough to get Tom to coming running out of the room with Heston on his hip.

 Indeed, it was just a King snake (yea, just! It doesn't matter, it was a snake in my living room!) This is the second snake that has graced my house since I've moved in, not to mention the countless ones that are on my porch as well. So Tom called in reinforcements-Uncle Jack to the rescue! Tom was the snake catcher, hence the gloves, and Jack was the snake detective (we had to find it first, it had moved to a different couch to hide under). I was holding Hes standing on a chair, heck if I was going to be close to that thing!

They finally caught it and released it far away, at least that's what they told me. Where did this thing come from though? That's the scary part! Hes is always putting his fingers under stuff, and what if he was under the crib? Ugh I could go batty thinking about this!

Until next time, or my next snake adventure.....
The Farmer/Snake Catcher's Wife

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