Tuesday, July 16, 2013

11 months old, Ice Cream Treat with Dad, and Heston's Fascination with Wheels!

I almost missed Heston's 11 month picture, I looked on the calendar, and there before my eyes was the realization that he's already 11 months! How time flies.

So here he is, also contemplating his new month- he tries  to eat these monthly stickers, so the photo sessions are very short.

One of Tom's favorite ice cream treats are Drumsticks and I had bought a pack for him since they were on sale at Vons. Tom will eat them while watching tv and Heston always fervently watches him with such pleading eyes. A couple night ago Tom pulled him up next to himself and let Hes try his first Drumstick, judging by the pictures, Heston truly enjoyed them!

Heston also has the cutest fascination with wheels. Dale & Debi got him this Tonka truck and I have it in his nursery holding his stuffed farm animals. Today I turned my back for two seconds and Heston had wandered into his nursery, grabbed the truck, tossed the animals out, flipped it upside down, and starting spinning the wheels.
I have found random tractor toys and other wheeled toys all flipped over. He even plays with the stroller wheels if he's on the ground near it. Maybe he'll be really good at changing tires, maybe we should get him started on the farm sooner than we thought!

The Farmer's Wife

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