Monday, July 9, 2012

Some Tom & Puppy Time

Tom had the chance to come home for lunch today which I love because that means I get to see him for an extra 30 minutes during the day.

Dale (my father-in-law) came over to see the nursery and Sampson (the puppy) followed us in the room and left 2 little surprises, argh! This is why I still call him Mr. Whizzles.

So after he was punished and put outside, Tom had a change of heart and brought him back inside the air conditioned house-it's 102 outside right now, so I don't blame him.

Here you see how much Tom really enjoys this little puppy, I think Mr. Whizzles was trying to take a puppy nap, but Tom was giving him belly rubs so he couldn't quite get to sleep. I hope Tom is prepared for this kid that's coming soon, and according to this picture, I think he'll be just fine!

The Farmer's Wife/ Mr. Whizzles's personal cleaner

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Mandi said...

He's getting so big already!!