Monday, July 2, 2012

The Baby's Room

So I think this is the final rotation of baby furniture I'm gonna do, I've been moving everything around so much to find the right fit, and I think I'm happy with this combo.

I was going for rustic western, I'm not the best interior decorator, but I'm satisfied with this outcome and plus I'm running out of more energy every day I get closer to popping this little booger out.

So as you can see in the first picture I took a picture of myself in the mirror-oops still learning the picture taking tricks- and I tried to get a couple angles of the room for everyone to see.

It's pretty comfortable in here, the glider has already been a favorite spot of mine to poop out and nest, and once we figure out his name, I'll do a cute name thing on the wall, maybe where the cowboy picture is, but we'll play it by ear. Tom has also come up with the idea of welding our brand out of horseshoes to hold up a valance, genius! So when he gets some free time on his hands, I can put up some manly western curtains to soften the room up a bit.

The Farmer's Wife

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Mandi said...

It looks perfect :D