Thursday, July 19, 2012

Pickle Time!

I feel like I just did this only a couple weeks ago, but I guess it's time again for canning!

Tom told me that being 9 1/2 months preggie wouldn't prevent me from still being a homemaker, and I had to prove him right! I harvested our pickling cucumbers this morning and decided it was time to can them, because who knows when baby will be here!

I totally cheat and buy the pre-made package of pickling mix from Walmart, I think it's called Mrs. Wages, and it's only like $2. Last year I was fancy and made my own pickling spice and even used great recipes but Tom was the most impressed with the $2 mix so heck why spend all that time on making everything from scratch?

I still have pickles from last year so I guess I"ll just start making a pickle stash, truth is, we go through pickles like you wouldn't believe! I hope I can keep up with our garden production.

The Farmer's Wife

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RoseofSharonStudio said...

MMmmm! I love homemade pickles. I have never made them myself, but I have purchased them from others who do homemade pickles. I think my all time favorites are from Jan (who is Judy Saltsgavers sister) at McNallys. I used to buy jars from her.